Peer Recovery  Groups

Healing for recovery - fellowship & hope, helps build encoragement,
&supports peace and mind

Health &wellness - good nutrtion, positive thoughts, exercise, teach healthy meals, nature walks, yoga and body mind and spirit

Recovery art therapy - creative outlet release in positive ways &relases the negative energy out and lets the positve in

Beautiful me positive me - building confidence from everyone in your own self image

peer to peer networking - positive brainstorming, know where there is support, helping each other,give people feedback, and share our stories of our lived experiences. we are the author of our own story and it isn't over yet !

Recovery outside the box - journalism, creative writting, work pages, postive thoughts, ice breakers, and stories to share with each other everyone & publication of work in the newsletter and ect.

Pathways to recovery - pper orintated work with real day to day life situations, helping with barriers, breaking walls down,changing your negative thoughts to positive thoughts, parking lots , role plays, moving toward recovery.

Building positive engagement - getting to know yourself and others,
being able to talk about activites, being able to talk to the community
and how to find sponsors, learn how to build positve relationships with in the organization and community.

Social skills - Learning positive and negative anger, learning how to build positive and healthy relationships among selves, community,and others. positive enforcement of coping strategies, understand empathy of how people and respect their empathy. Knowing and understanding your emotionality. Getting to know your positive and negative social influences and build positive resouces. How to deal with social rejection and learn strategies to deal with social rejection. Knowing and understanding others triggers and trauma and work among a peer to peer support system.

Growing to recovery (gardening) - help with responsibility for growing and maintaing all types of plants in a varity of settings you first start of as a seed that is planted in dirt. and then you are watered and sun shine with happyness and nurishment patients and care then you start to grow and bloom it is like the five stages of recovery and it gives you the ability to start you recvery and find your recovery.

Self respect/ Knowing your boundaries - challenging the negative and changing them ito positives. identify neg- self talk. explore ways to overcome self talk-low selfesteem, engaging in positive activites know you. know you are somebody your not and knowing your boundaries.

sweating to the odies - no age limit ! do your exercise to your own capacity no limit have fun. ability to move and stretch out at you own pace, stay healthy and fit.

making healthy choices - new group starts in April 2016

                      Recovery Activites

 Pot luck dinners
 Out door Activites - Cook outs
 frisbee golf, kickball, volleyball
 fishing, campouts  
 Recovery Bingo
 Holiday parties
 Recovery arts annd crafts
Wheat festival
Spirit Week
Movie nights
game nights
outings -zoo hutchinson state fair
Annual recovery conference